APP 1.20.0 (2020-12-16)
Web App
  • Feature: Global Block Page feature
  • Feature: display subscription alerts for MSPs
  • Improvement: new columns for Username and Hostname on Users list
  • Improvement: added pagination in Deployments\Users list
  • Improvement: added search by name on Deployments\Users
  • Improvement: allow/block list csv import only new values
  • Bug Fix: Education Plan billing 250 license minimum corrected
  • Bug Fix: managed collections crashing browser
  • Bug Fix: redirect MSP user to the MSP dashboard after successful login
  • Bug Fix: sub org user with edit_policy_only role permissions fix
  • Bug Fix: create your first filtering schedule link broken
  • Bug Fix: page title does not update on app navigation
API 2020-12-16
  • Feature: Insights Reporting - all organizations endpoint
  • Feature: Insights Reporting - sites reports endpoints
  • Feature: Global Block Pages for MSPs endpoints
  • Feature: add pagination and search to agent_local_users endpoint (Deployments\Users listing)
  • Feature: add support for “parent collection/group” from Active Directory
  • Improvement: improve performance of the Active Directory sync endpoint
  • Improvement: only sync changes (differential sync) from Active Directory Sync Tool
  • Improvement: sync managed users on background job to improve performance
  • Improvement: streamline user creation when using MFA
  • Bug Fix: removed subscription warning for legacy education plan
Android v1.19.0
Android Roaming Client
  • Fixed disable filter PIN bug
API 2020-10-29
Active Directory Sync Tool
  • Performance improvement for user syncing
  • Refactors to speed up the use of database indexes
Performance Improvements
  • Network subnet creation/update performance improvement
  • Daily traffic task performance improvements
  • Traffic first sent task performance improvements
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed policy only user permission bug
  • Fixed payment bug for pending invoices
  • Fixed blocked page email notification when applied to Roaming Client, User, or Collections
APP 1.19.0 (2020-10-22)
Web App
  • Ability to link an allowed domain and add it to the system
  • Remove duplicated call on policy update
Chrome Extension v2.0
Chrome Extension
While still considered a beta release, this latest release of the Chrome Extension is ready for general use. Improvements include:
  • Prevent duplicate registrations
  • Implement caching
  • Performance improvements (DNS over https)
  • Implement auto-update process
  • Support custom blocked pages
  • Implement Yandex safe search
  • Implement debug mode
API 2020-09-22
  • Protect MSPs show/update MSP and sites endpoints
  • Remove Bcc from support blocked email
  • Prevent duplicate Chromebook registrations
APP 1.18.0 (2020-09-22)
Web App
  • Fixing the Input placeholder for Roaming clients search
  • Fixing Filter Relay by tag on Query Log
  • Fixing issue with MSP Dashboard sample data
API 2020-08-31
  • APIDOCS: updated documentation with regards JWT Tokens
  • Top domains/categories: return resources names in the response
  • Bypass password shows as incorrect when using different settings for RC and Site
APP 1.17.0 (2020-08-31)
Web App
  • Allow the customer to see who accessed a specific domain, if it was a Roaming Client, a Site or a User.
  • Updated the number of orgs/customers using DNSfilter to 14.000
  • Add existing widgets to MSP Overview and redirect MSP user to MSP Dashboard when login
  • Changing the top threats (by deployment) redirect ink
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