When the roaming agent fails to resolve DNS queries due to enterprise network conditions such as DNS Doctoring please provide an automatic remediation method after a specified time period to temporarily disable the DNSFilter Agent. Controlling this feature through the deployment command line would be sufficient.
Why: We have roaming clients that are unable to resolve DNS requests on specific enterprise networks and it's painful as the current fix is telling them to pack up their bag and leave or 4G hotspot since they don't have Administrative rights. We're working on a scheduled task script to monitor connectivity and the script will disable the Windows service, set DNS to DHCP, and flush the DNS. We have found these three steps to resolve the issue when it happens.
Command-line options:
AUTOREMEDIATION="enabled" allows the roaming agent to self heal connectivity issues caused by enterprise configurations such as DNS Doctoring. Automatic Remediation will temporarily disable the Windows service and static DNS configuration when a DNS request cannot be made to DNSFilter servers. When Automatic Remediation is running a connectivity check will be issued every 300 seconds on the client and if successful will re-enable the DNSFiltering Agent protection.
NETWORKTIMEOUT="300" allow you to specifiy a custom network timeout before DNSFilter will attempt automatic remediation. Default is 300 seconds.