Windows Roaming Client

April 12 2023 Windows RC (v1.10.2) - New Installs

A new version of the Windows Roaming client is being made available in the dashboard (Deployments -> Roaming Clients -> Install) for download and installation.
  • Based on customer feedback, we have updated the default settings for log files generated by the roaming client. The client will now store a maximum of 10 files, each with a size limit of 20MB.
Bug Fixes
  • Additional improvements to mitigate a delay in takeover of DNS requests when coming out of hibernation.
  • Additional improvements to ensure DNS filtering is re-enabled successfully when changing networks or connection methods.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent configured local domains from resolving to local resolvers as expected.
  • Improved the reliability of setting/unsetting DNS resolving via RC when turning VPN clients on/off.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent the roaming client from correctly restoring DNS settings when uninstalled.