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April 22, 2024 macOS RC 1.8.2 Production Release

A new version of the macOS RC is now available in Production release channel for New Installs. This version can be downloaded from the dashboard
Roaming Clients
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Auto-update rollout will begin this week with 5% rollout, please refer to our release status page for the latest available versions in both Beta and Production channels.
Included in macOS v.1.8.2
Improvements 🛠️
  • After an extensive beta period aimed at improving compatibility with Captive Portal networks macOS RC v1.8.2 is now able dynamically handle all known types of captive networks. If the portal is not automatically opened you can use this new option in the menubar icon when connected to a captive portal that will trigger the page to open in a browser.
  • A new configuration setting has been added to macOS RC to support excluding EDNS records for configured local domains. By default macOS RC does include EDNS records when resolving queries to local domains. However if these are creating conflicts for your users you can modify the behavior by installing v1.8.2 with this parameter set to false in the config file
Bug Fixes 🪲
  • Fixed issues affecting the Diagnostic Tool in previous versions that could result in the menubar icon crashing and/or incomplete log collection in the output zip file.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the roaming client to crash when attempting to sync local domains from the Dashboard that include capital letters.