Known Issues
  • We are investigating customer reports of issues with timely execution of the Weekly Reports emails over the last two weeks. To address the problem, we have temporarily disabled the feature while we implement a solution. You can continue to access the data from the Insights reports. We aim to restore the emails next week by May 31st. We will provide further updates when this is resolved."
Bug Fixes 🐞
  • Charts for Insights and Appaware reporting pages should no longer display abrupt cut-offs in the chart when viewing "Today".
  • Fixed a bug on the Sites page (
    Deployments → Sites
    ) for Organizations with large numbers of Sites that prevent navigation through multiple pages.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Data Export to be toggled to OFF from the billing page when an MSP adds a new Organization, requiring it to be toggled back on to prevent data transfers from being paused.