We have received positive feedback from clients who have tested the 1.8.2 version of the Windows Roaming Client. This version has fixed many of the reported issues around the service not working, more details below. Starting
Monday 10/24 at 11am (Eastern)
we will begin the auto update process.
Roaming Client Auto Update is configured in the Dashboard by going to
Deployments -> Roaming Clients -> Settings -> Enable Roaming Clients Auto Update
If you need assistance with configuring auto update, please reach out to our support team using the Help widget in the Dashboard.
1.8.2 Fixes Include:
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when using VPN clients along with the DNSFilter Roaming Client and the service stopped when a user moved their computer to a different location
  • Cannot Access a Disposed Object- Fixed an issue where some clients are seeing the service not starting due to a Cannot Access a Disposed Object error.
  • Sleep mode with ethernet adapter - Fixed an issue where some clients were seeing sleep mode, with using an ethernet adapter, causing the service to stop working.
  • Local Resolvers Not Working for Roaming Users - Fixed an issue were the local resolver would not work when users moved between homes and offices.